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In the beautiful countryside of Baden, (South-Germany) in a little town called Rheinbischofsheim, we operate the jewelry manufacturer Wolfschmiede. The concept of Wolfschmiede is to blend artisan craftsmanship and modern design aesthetics with the highest quality materials to create wearable art. Our master-level goldsmiths, engravers, stone setters and gemstone experts to continuously push on new designs for outstanding jewelry while keeping shape, color and materials strongly in focus. The result is meticulously hand-crafted one-of-a-kind custom jewelry.

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prey for wolves?

Designers often consider things their own way. With regard to jewellery design, you are inspired by saurian scales, if the person wearing jewellery tells you about his love for dragons… the other scaly creatures…

die Werker

Traditionelle Schmiedekunst trifft Leidenschaft

Im süddeutschen Rheinbischofsheim betreiben wir die Schmuck-Manufaktur Wolfschmiede…